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The chaos report command

You use the chaos report command to take the journal produced by the chaos run command and produce a report in a specified format.

Due to the many operating system-dependent features that the chaos report command relies upon, the chaos report command is not installed with the Chaos Toolkit CLI. To install the chaos report command you need to install the chaostoolkit-reporting plugin and the dependencies appropriate to your own operating system.

Once the plugin is installed you can see the options available to you by executing:

chaos report --help
Usage: chaos report [OPTIONS] [JOURNAL]... REPORT

  Generate a report from the run journal(s).

  --export-format TEXT  Format to export the report to: html, markdown, pdf.
  --help                Show this message and exit.

Generating a report

When an experiment completes after using the chaos run command a journal is generated and stored in the chaos-report.json file. A PDF or HTML report may be generated from this journal using the chaostoolkit-reporting library.

The chaos report command expects the path to the chaos-report.json file and a path to the actual report file that you require.

You can export various formats of report by specifying what you want using the --export-format option.

For example, to generate a PDF report you can run the following command:

chaos report --export-format=pdf chaos-report.json report.pdf

An HTML report can be produced using:

chaos report --export-format=html5 chaos-report.json report.html