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How to Install the Chaos Toolkit

Python Requirements

The chaostoolkit CLI is implemented in Python 3 and this requires a working Python installation to run. It officially supports Python 3.8+. It has only been tested against CPython.

Install Python

Install Python for your system:

On MacOS X:

brew install python3

On Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python3 python3-venv

On Windows:

Download the latest binary installer from the Python website.

Create a virtual environment

Dependencies can be installed for your system via its package management but, more likely, you will want to install them yourself in a local virtual environment.

python3 -m venv ~/.venvs/chaostk

Make sure to always activate your virtual environment before using it:

source  ~/.venvs/chaostk/bin/activate


You may want to use virtualenvwrapper to make this process much nicer.

Install the CLI

Install chaostoolkit in the virtual environment as follows:

pip install -U chaostoolkit

You can verify the command was installed by running:

chaos --version

Install Extensions

At this stage, you have installed the chaos command line and its core library. To fully enjoy the Chaos Toolkit, you will also want to install extensions for the various facets of your journey into Chaos Engineering.