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Configure the Chaos Toolkit

For the most part, the Chaos Toolkit does not necessitate to be configured. These settings are stored in a YAML file on your local machine.


Unless you enable one of the features requiring extra configuration, you don’t need to create that file.

Create The Settings File

The settings file for the Chaos Toolkit should be located under the following path:


As this file may hold sensitive data, it is advised to make it readable only for your own user:

chmod 600 $HOME/.chaostoolkit/settings.yaml

Features Settings

The settings file entries depend on which features you wish to enable.


If you want to get notified of the Chaos Toolkit events, you should set the following section:

  type: http
  verify_tls: false
    Auth: "Bearer 1234"

This entry is a list of mapping. Each item of this list defines one channel of notification, and potentially which events this channel should receive.

Please refer to the notifications section for more information.