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How to Install the Chaos Toolkit

Python Requirements

The chaostoolkit CLI is implemented in Python 3 and this requires a working Python installation to run. It officially supports Python 3.5+. It has only been tested against [CPython][python].

Install Python

Install Python for your system:

On MacOS X:

$ brew install python3

On Debian/Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install python3 python3-venv

On CentOS:

$ sudo yum -y install
$ sudo yum -y install python35u

Notice, on CentOS, the Python 3.5 binary is named python3.5 rather than python3 as other systems.

On Windows:

Download the latest binary installer from the Python website.

Create a virtual environment

Dependencies can be installed for your system via its package management but, more likely, you will want to install them yourself in a local virtual environment.

$ python3 -m venv ~/.venvs/chaostk

Make sure to always activate your virtual environment before using it:

$ source  ~/.venvs/chaostk/bin/activate


You may want to use virtualenvwrapper to make this process much nicer.

Install the CLI

Install chaostoolkit in the virtual environment as follows:

(chaostk) $ pip install chaostoolkit

You can verify the command was installed by running:

(chaostk) $ chaos --version