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Extension chaosdynatrace

Version 0.1.0


Dynatrace support for the Chaos Toolkit.


To be used from your experiment, this package must be installed in the Python environment where chaostoolkit already lives.

$ pip install chaostoolkit-dynatrace


To use this package, you must create have access to a Dynatrace instance via DynatraceApi and be allowed to connect to it.

the access credentials to the api must be specified in the configuration section


    "configuration": {
        "dynatrace": {
            "dynatrace_base_url": "$dynatrace_base_url",
            "dynatrace_token": "$dynatrace_token"

This package only exports probes to get some aspects of your system monitored by Dynatrace.

Here is an example of how to get the failure rate of a service in Dynatrace. for this example, the api for validate de failure rate is Metric-v1

    "type": "probe",
    "name": "get-failure-rate-services",
    "provider": {
        "type": "python",
        "module": "chaosdynatrace.probes",
        "func": "failure_rate",
        "arguments": {
            "entity": "SERVICE-665B05BC92550119",
            "failed_percentage": 1

The probe returns true if the api request failure percentage is less than “failed_percentage” or raises an exception when an error is met.

The result is not further process and should be found in the generated report of the experiment run.


If you wish to contribute more functions to this package, you are more than welcome to do so. Please, fork this project, make your changes following the usual PEP 8 code style, sprinkling with tests and submit a PR for review.


If you wish to develop on this project, make sure to install the development dependencies. But first, create a virtual environment and then install those dependencies.

$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt -r requirements.txt 

Then, point your environment to this directory:

$ python develop

Now, you can edit the files and they will be automatically be seen by your environment, even when running from the chaos command locally.


To run the tests for the project execute the following:

$ pytest

Add new Dynatrace API Support

Once you have setup your environment, you can start adding new Dynatrace API support by adding new actions, probes and entire sub-packages for those.

Exported Activities



Type probe
Module chaosdynatrace.probes
Name failure_rate
Return boolean

Validates the failure rate of a specific service. Returns true if the failure rate is less than the expected failure rate For more information check the api documentation.


def failure_rate(entity: str,
                 relative_time: str,
                 failed_percentage: int,
                 configuration: Dict[str, Dict[str, str]],
                 secrets: Dict[str, Dict[str, str]] = None) -> bool:


Name Type Default Required
entity string Yes
relative_time string Yes
failed_percentage integer Yes


  "name": "failure-rate",
  "type": "probe",
  "provider": {
    "type": "python",
    "module": "chaosdynatrace.probes",
    "func": "failure_rate",
    "arguments": {
      "entity": "",
      "relative_time": "",
      "failed_percentage": 0
name: failure-rate
    entity: ''
    failed_percentage: 0
    relative_time: ''
  func: failure_rate
  module: chaosdynatrace.probes
  type: python
type: probe