An Open API for Chaos Engineering

The Chaos Toolkit is a free, open source project that enables you to create and apply Chaos Experiments to various types of infrastructure, platforms and applications.

Running experiments is as simple as:

$ chaos run experiment.json

This takes the description of your experiment, as per the API, runs it and outputs a report to share with your team.


The Chaos Toolkit aims at simplifying your journey through the Principles of Chaos Engineering and more generally considers that you should embrace continuously observing and poking your system to empower your team in face of adversity.

The Chaos Toolkit proposes an Open API for Chaos Engineering that will federate communities around the discipline with a standard, open and evolutive API.

Come join the Chaos Toolkit community

The Chaos Toolkit is an open source project and strives on a diverse and cooperative community. We welcome input and discussions on the project itself but also on the Principles of Chaos Engineering in general.

Please join us!